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Flights from Auckland

Origin - DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Auckland ↔ Wellington26 October 2021from 77
Auckland ↔ Queenstown10 February 2022from 109
Auckland ↔ Nadi1 December 2021from 383
Auckland ↔ Sydney16 July 2022from 436
Auckland ↔ Los Angeles1 December 2021from 934

Flights from Christchurch

Origin - DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Christchurch ↔ Wellington10 November 2021from 56
Christchurch ↔ Queenstown17 November 2021from 108
Christchurch ↔ Napier13 October 2021from 281
Christchurch ↔ Moscow1 February 2022from 1 530
Christchurch ↔ Krasnodar1 February 2022from 1 746

Flights from Wellington

Origin - DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Wellington ↔ Queenstown23 November 2021from 110
Wellington ↔ Christchurch15 October 2021from 143
Wellington ↔ Saint Petersburg8 December 2021from 1 749
Wellington ↔ Dhaka16 October 2021from 1 895
Wellington ↔ Santa Barbara11 October 2021from 3 731

Flights from Sydney

Origin - DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Sydney ↔ Melbourne20 November 2021from 50
Sydney ↔ Coolangatta (Gold Coast)26 May 2022from 55
Sydney ↔ Ballina11 December 2021from 91
Sydney ↔ Brisbane31 December 2021from 125
Sydney ↔ Adelaide29 October 2021from 132

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Y-Flights NZ is a free and easy airfare search service for all destinations. It will help you find any tickets for flights within New Zeland and worldwide. Just specify the point of departure and arrival, desired travel dates and the number of passengers, and we, among the offers of all airlines, will find the best option. Our service does not sell airline tickets, but only searches the cheapest options. And after the search, we will tell you which agency or airline can buy tickets at the lowest price.

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