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How to find the cheapest flight from Melbourne to Sydney

To buy cheap flights from Melbourne to Sydney, use the low price calendar. It will tell you on what date you can book your flight at the lowest price.

Make sure to specify the preferred duration of your trip, and also the type of tickets: round trip or one-way. The calendar will help you to find the cheapest flight ticket if there is a special offer, promotion, or discount.

Melbourne Sydney flight schedule

From the schedule, you will learn what time flights depart from Melbourne and what time they arrive in Sydney. Listed are all airlines flying direct to this destination today, tomorrow, and the days to come.

Direct cheap flights from Melbourne to Sydney

The table shows the minimum airfare for a direct flight from Melbourne to Sydney. If you found a cheap ticket, do not delay buying, hot deals end very quickly.

Departure atStopsFind tickets
20 December 2021Directflights from 26
19 December 2021Directflights from 27
11 December 2021Directflights from 35
10 December 2021Directflights from 36
13 December 2021Directflights from 37
17 December 2021Directflights from 37
12 December 2021Directflights from 37
30 December 2021Directflights from 38
14 December 2021Directflights from 39
24 December 2021Directflights from 43
20 December 20211 Stopflights from 56
30 December 20211 Stopflights from 58
19 December 20211 Stopflights from 62
24 December 20211 Stopflights from 62
10 December 20211 Stopflights from 92
17 December 20211 Stopflights from 95
11 December 20211 Stopflights from 98
12 December 20211 Stopflights from 102
14 December 20211 Stopflights from 111
19 December 20212 Stopsflights from 128
13 December 20211 Stopflights from 137
12 December 20212 Stopsflights from 205
14 December 20212 Stopsflights from 215
13 December 20212 Stopsflights from 240
10 December 20212 Stopsflights from 260
11 December 20212 Stopsflights from 353
11 December 20213 Stopsflights from 850

Roundtrip airfare from Melbourne to Sydney

Departure atReturn atStopsAirlineFind tickets
1 February 20228 February 2022Directflights from 47

Direct flights from Melbourne

Purchase airline tickets from Melbourne on a direct flight. The most popular airline destinations are shown below.

DestinationDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Sydney25 February 202227 February 2022flights from 48
Adelaide4 February 20227 February 2022flights from 54
Launceston7 January 202210 January 2022flights from 62
Hobart24 January 202230 January 2022flights from 65
Coolangatta (Gold Coast)14 February 202220 February 2022flights from 67
Brisbane20 February 202226 February 2022flights from 96
Canberra17 December 202119 December 2021flights from 103
Sunshine Coast13 December 202115 December 2021flights from 109
King Island4 March 20226 March 2022flights from 146
Ballina22 December 202126 December 2021flights from 148

Cheap flights to Sydney

Direct flight tickets to Sydney found by customers. The closer the departure date, the higher the prices, the most expensive with a flight today and tomorrow.

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Melbourne25 February 202227 February 2022flights from 48
Coolangatta (Gold Coast)25 February 202227 February 2022flights from 59
Brisbane12 January 202216 January 2022flights from 74
Sunshine Coast12 January 202216 January 2022flights from 82
Adelaide23 February 202225 February 2022flights from 100
Ballina13 March 202214 March 2022flights from 103
Canberra30 January 20224 February 2022flights from 107
Coffs Harbour5 January 20227 January 2022flights from 112
Albury10 December 202112 December 2021flights from 138
Cairns10 January 202214 January 2022flights from 139


Ticket prices from airports. From Melbourne, planes arrive at Sydney airport.

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