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Cheap flights to Auckland

The price of a plane ticket to Auskland is constantly changing: it depends on the time of year, airline promotions, demand and the remaining seats available on each flight. Our service is constantly looking for cheap tickets, and here are the best deals in the last 48 hours:

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Sydney19 April 202225 April 2022flights from 259
Melbourne14 January 202219 January 2022flights from 263
Canberra21 December 202122 December 2021flights from 568
Manila28 March 202231 March 2022flights from 823
Bordeaux14 March 202220 March 2022flights from 1 076
Austin6 December 202111 December 2021flights from 1 099
Frankfurt25 October 202128 October 2021flights from 1 298
Cairo20 October 202126 October 2021flights from 1 307
Toronto21 November 202127 November 2021flights from 1 324
Belgrade27 December 20211 January 2022flights from 1 336
Moscow15 April 202218 April 2022flights from 1 338
Rostov4 May 20229 May 2022flights from 1 350
Kyiv1 July 20224 July 2022flights from 1 381
Helsinki11 April 202217 April 2022flights from 1 394
Dhaka31 December 20214 January 2022flights from 1 450
New York25 March 202230 March 2022flights from 1 505
Yerevan1 November 20217 November 2021flights from 1 607
Riga25 October 202131 October 2021flights from 1 620
Kuala Lumpur4 February 202210 February 2022flights from 1 625
Nur-Sultan (Astana)16 January 202220 January 2022flights from 1 633

Cheap flights from Auckland

Below are popular flight destinations from Auckland. In order to fly cheaply, buy tickets in advance, check out direct or connecting flights.

Origin - DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Auckland ↔ Wellington26 October 2021flights from 77
Auckland ↔ Queenstown10 February 2022flights from 109
Auckland ↔ Nadi1 December 2021flights from 383
Auckland ↔ Sydney16 July 2022flights from 436
Auckland ↔ Los Angeles1 December 2021flights from 934
Auckland ↔ Durban14 April 2022flights from 1 099
Auckland ↔ Male9 November 2021flights from 1 146
Auckland ↔ Honolulu1 December 2021flights from 1 339
Auckland ↔ Colombo15 December 2021flights from 1 425
Auckland ↔ Seoul21 October 2021flights from 1 481
Auckland ↔ Saint Petersburg8 December 2021flights from 1 673
Auckland ↔ Ontario11 November 2021flights from 1 898
Auckland ↔ Denpasar11 January 2022flights from 1 913
Auckland ↔ Salvador28 October 2021flights from 1 950
Auckland ↔ Antalya6 February 2022flights from 1 953
Auckland ↔ San Diego29 October 2021flights from 2 223
Auckland ↔ Vladivostok16 November 2021flights from 2 762

Direct flights from Auckland

DestinationDeparture atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
Christchurch14 February 20223 March 2022flights from 65
Dubai14 January 202228 January 2022flights from 1 309
Los Angeles10 November 202114 November 2021flights from 1 731
Nadi1 December 20216 December 2021flights from 384
Paraparaumu25 January 202211 February 2022flights from 166
Rotorua1 September 20228 September 2022flights from 105
Sydney10 March 202219 March 2022flights from 341
Tokyo11 May 202231 May 2022flights from 876
Wellington26 October 202131 October 2021flights from 77
Queenstown10 February 202214 February 2022flights from 109

Auckland Airport:

Plane tickets to Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and was its capital until 1865. Sandwiched between Hauraki Bay and Manukau Bay on the thin isthmus of the North Island, it divides the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is a beautiful port city, one of the few on the planet that has outlets to different seas. New Zealanders have nicknamed it the “City of Sails” for the endless number of sailboats, yachts and boats at the piers.
Auckland is one of the ten best cities on the planet in terms of comfort of living.

flights to Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand
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