What you need to know about the Maldives

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What you need to know about the Maldives
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Who doesn’t dream of visiting the Maldives? Paradise islands with immaculate white sand, turquoise lagoons, secluded villas and a carefree atmosphere that seems to be available only to millionaires, have long been available to everyone!

What other myths are associated with holidays in the Maldives – let’s explore.

Maldives – it’s not expensive

A few years ago the Maldives was a luxury destination with an absolutely not humane price tag. Now the situation is completely different. Tour operators offer a new tour product: a rest on local islands in budget hotels and gesthouses, which are 3-4* full-fledged hotels with comfortable accommodation and quality service. In the past, all resorts were located exclusively on the resort islands, but in recent years the local islands, where the local population lives, are actively being built up with hotels. Prices for accommodation and everything else here are many times lower. Add (or subtract) the benefit of flight specials and the result is quite reasonable prices.

The Maldives is not boring

Yes, there is virtually no entertainment on a private island resort, so until recently the Maldives attracted only lovers of relaxation and beach holidays. That is, until the unique Crossroads project was developed and implemented, turning the Maldives into a multifaceted tourist destination. Crossroads is three bulk islands (and two more under construction) 15 minutes away from Male by speedboat. It is home to entertainment centres, outlets, boutiques, restaurants, Duty Free, children’s clubs and health centres. The neighbouring island hotels are connected to the main island by bridges, and when tourists get bored of their secluded getaway, they can be at the epicentre of entertainment in a few minutes if they wish.
Crossroads features the international hotel brands Hilton and Hard Rock Hotel, as well as the iconic Cafe Del Mar, which offers sunsets as spectacular as those in Ibiza.

Alcohol is not a problem in the Maldives

The Maldives is a Muslim state where laws and customs strictly forbid alcohol. All island resorts have a special permit that allows tourists to sell alcoholic beverages only on their territory. Accordingly, if your hotel is located on the local island, no alcohol can be found in bars and restaurants. But there is a little trick that allows you to get around the law; if alcohol is prohibited on the island, it is not prohibited on the water, so you can buy alcohol without problems on boats moored off the island. Another issue is that alcoholic drinks don’t come cheap here; but on tourist forums you can find a lot of great tips on how to smuggle in a bottle or two by pouring it into baby food jars or Chinese plastic jerrycans.

Maldives for a romantic getaway
Maldives is a holiday destination associated with romance, couples in love, junkies and not a place for friends or children. Statistics disprove this opinion: according to tour operators about 40% of bookings are made by families with children, and for the New Year period it is almost 70%. Many hotels have developed active holiday concepts, as well as providing facilities for a full family holiday. There are many resorts that are suitable for all categories of tourists. One of the top sellers in the Russian market is the Kandima Maldives 4*.
The hotel is not cheap, but the price range is very wide: from relatively inexpensive sky studios located on the first floor of the villas, to private beach villas located on the sunrise or sunset side of the island, depending on the wishes of guests.
On-site facilities include the longest outdoor pool in the Maldives, 10 restaurants and bars, tennis court, gym with numerous fitness programmes from yoga to drumstick fitness, art studio, spa, Kandiland Kids Club, water activities, picnic on the beach, bicycle and electric scooter rental.

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