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Everyone likes to vacation in Phuket. In Thailand, there are many different places to rest, including other islands, but in first place is still Phuket. And it’s not just about how beautiful sunrises or sunsets, not the purity of the sand, but the convenience of tourists and the availability of necessary infrastructure. It is very convenient location from the airport, a lot of stores and bars, which are located quite conveniently. The way from the airport to almost any point takes up to half an hour, and in points that are a little closer you can get even in 20 minutes, well, if not the dream of any tourist? There is everything you need and you do not have to drive for a long time to your place of stay. That is why many are looking for where to download or buy a guide to Phuket. Let’s start our article with a little description of the resort of Phuket itself.

The airport is very conveniently located, there are a lot of stores and lounges, which are located conveniently enough. The road from the airport to almost any point takes up to half an hour, and in points that are a little closer you can get even in 20 minutes, well, if not the dream of any tourist? There is everything you need and you do not have to drive for a long time to your place of stay. That is why many people are looking for where to download or buy a guide to Phuket. I will begin my article with a brief description of the resort of Phuket.

About Phuket

Most tourists choose to vacation in Phuket just because of the international airport, which is located nearby. There is no need to build inconvenient routes and think how to get and everything to do, everything is very convenient and well thought out. In addition, in Thailand there are only a few airports that take direct charter aircraft from the Russian Federation, Phuket Airport is one of them. Do you agree that it is very convenient when you do not have to make several transfers? In addition, the resort is also convenient because there is no need for any additional transfer by water transport to get to your hotel is enough to take a cab directly from the airport, and some companies offer and ready-made transfer for its tourists. There is a road to Phuket from almost all the islands of Thailand, there are several bridges to the island. Of course, among the reviews of tourists transport accessibility of Phuket is especially famous.

The island of Phuket is also famous for its beaches, almost all beaches are clean enough, if for some reason this beach has not suited you, you can always choose any other. Conveniently, there are beaches for the taste of each of the tourists, some of them are designed for noisy campaigns and parties, while others are conversely very quiet and peaceful, suitable for couples with children or those who simply like a beach holiday and be alone.

If you evaluate the island in terms of reviews of tourists on vacation, it should be taken into account that there are a lot of cities, that is, each of the beaches still has some kind of development or local town. Is it suitable for you to decide each personally, the truth is absolutely wild beaches here do not find, next to one way or another pass the road. But this island is very handy to go to if you go to Thailand for the first time and want to still only get acquainted with the country. There is everything for both children and adults, entertainment for all tastes, however, as well as services of a different nature. The convenience of nearby towns is that you do not have to think where to eat, there are a large number of restaurants and cafes that are scattered along the coast. Of course, Phuket is famous for its nightlife, some of the beaches are noisy parties, of course, the most popular is Patong and Karon. The island can find themselves and other entertainment, and will find a friend of interest and surfers. There are many excursions you can go on, or just enjoy the views on a boat ride.

The convenient location of Phuket gives the chance to go almost anywhere to tour the national parks, and there really is something to see and admire the natural scenery. The most popular parks are:

Phi Phi
Similan Surin
Phang Nga
Khao Sok

In addition to entertainment for adults in each of the parks have and entertainment for children, so you can not be afraid to fly to Phuket with a child. For couples with a child the island is ideal, no need to go anywhere long, there are various car rentals, in addition, many points can be reached even with a child on foot. The big pluses of the island – there are international medical centers, if a child gets sick, with insurance you can get qualified help.

There are a large number of hotels that accept couples with children. You can choose to check into either a regular hotel room or choose a room with several bedrooms and a kitchen, in any case, there are definitely no problems with the children’s menu on the island. Within walking distance of almost every hotel there are supermarkets, which have everything you need for both parents and baby. Some people go to the resort even with very young children without fear. On the island in abundance, family beaches, where you can absolutely calmly come and have a great time, there is a comfortable entrance to the sea and there is a shallow water, so that the child can safely flounder, of course under the supervision of parents.

The question “which beach to choose in Phuket” is very difficult to answer because everyone has his own interests. So I will briefly make a small description of the most famous of them, and you can decide by walking through each of them personally. If you go to rest a big noisy company or just want to communicate and meet other young people, you should take a look at the party beach Patong, of course it is sometimes not entirely clean because of the noisy parties, but if you do not confuse it, you should like it. Other popular beaches, which is true a little cleaner shoreline – Karon and Kata. According to reviews, many tourists vacation in Karon, because it is very clean and easy entrance to the sea, people are not as crowded as in Patong.

If you want a little more premium vacation, choose the beach, which is exactly the contingent, this beach is much less people and it is very clean – Kata Noi. This beach is surrounded by the most premium hotels. All the beaches listed above are a short distance from each other, separated only by a small hilly area. Some of the cheapest hotels are located on Patong, some tourists do to make their vacation easier.

Tip: If you want to rent a cheap room or accommodation, go to Patong. You can save a lot of money and spend it on other more interesting things. You can rent a scooter or a bike and travel around the different places and beaches of the island.

Some tourists are perfectly settled between Kata and Karon, it is very convenient because several beaches you will be in walking distance. If you want you can even walk to Kata Noi Beach from here.

If you are looking for less populated areas with small towns, you can settle in Surin, not a bad place according to reviews of tourists – Knighton, you can also consider, as an option Kamala.

If you are considering Phuket as a permanent home for the winter, but a good area for you may be Ravai and Chalong. As some exceptions Bang Tao area may also be suitable. The first two areas can be rented without any problems in these areas are not so much Otley, though the nearest beach in this case you have to get, as the only Nai Harn. It is necessary to get to him only by transport, the ordinary people who want to spend a good vacation here may not like it. Bang Tao offers plenty of apartments for rent, but the area is surrounded by country houses, so it is not suitable for everyone, and the infrastructure is a bit less.

Hotel or rented accommodation, which is better and how to choose?

The choice of tourists varies widely according to preference and purse. Phuket offers a choice of different options for housing, for example, without problems you can rent and whole villa, and a multi-storey room. For more budget tourists are small guest houses, where you can live in one room or even find a bed. Prices for lodging vary depending on the season, when the flow of tourists is large, prices soar by several times.

Before the big holidays like the New Year it is better to look for accommodation in advance. Because there is a risk that you either get a very expensive hotel, or those hotels in which visitors are generally unhappy with what they came. The most ideal scheme is if you can choose a beach that you like in advance and already near it you will look for a hotel where you would like to stay. Of course, there are lots of different hotels in Patong. Moreover, you can find the one with the most suitable price.

Karon is a little bit more expensive and basically there are more expensive hotels with large areas and a lot of additional services inside. Kata is slightly cheaper than Karon, but more expensive than Patong, although there are budget options. About the areas with private houses mentioned in the article above, but they are also very different from each other, if you take a private house in the village, the price will not be as high, while the private villa in the protected village is another more expensive price tag. If the house has its own pool, the rent will be very expensive, however, everyone has his own taste and purpose of visit.

One option to stay for a long time in Phuket is to rent a house or apartment. The most proven ways to find a house – through a realtor to look in advance, there is an opportunity to hire a private agent (though there are cases of fraud), and to hire an agency (but then you do not have to hurry to find a home to you will not), usually the private agent is working a little more expeditiously. The second way – to come and look for options on the spot, but in this case it is important to get before the season in Phuket, as in the seasonal period usually all the good options for houses are already occupied, or for them to pay several times more than they would cost you before the tourist season.

How to get to Phuket?

Transport accessibility of the island is very good, which is why many tourists come to rest in this place. The most convenient way to get there is the airport, which is located nearby. The airport is popular and there are both regular flights with connections from different countries and charter flights. If you arrive in another part of Thailand, then this way to Phuket will have to make a connection to the local airlines who will take you there. There are 2 local airlines that fly here, there are 2 Asian private companies that also operate flights within the country, they all have different pricing. For convenience, you can use the general airline ticket search engines.

Another way to get to Phuket is by road. The mainland is connected to the island by a bridge, so you can safely go all the way by car, though you have to cross several borders. The road allows different ways and modes of transportation, so you can even take public transportation to the island, you can also take a train for part of your way.

Phuket Location

In terms of the map of the country, Phuket is located closer to the southern regions, which means it is very close to the equator. This means that most of the year here the sun shines, there is high humidity and very hot weather. The temperature at night never drops below 24 degrees, even on the rainiest days, and during the day it is always above 30 degrees.

This allows the sea water to warm up sometimes to a record mark of 30 degrees, in any case, the water temperature below 28 degrees here does not happen, such a temperature is very comfortable for swimming. The only thing that changes in the weather is the amount of sun and rainfall throughout the year, the least rainfall fall during the tourist season from late November to late March. After the end of March begins two months, which are considered the hottest of the year. The temperature can reach 35 degrees and some days even reach 40 degrees. One of the record temperature in Phuket is considered the month of May, even the locals sometimes get hard to breathe. From summer to mid-autumn in Phuket, as well as in most parts of Thailand, it rains heavily.

During the rainy season, the humidity gets higher every day, but it allows some fruits and plants to grow. Nature and local forests feel especially good on such days, rivers are filled with water, lakes are full for watering animals. Especially beautiful on such days look waterfalls, a pity not all days you can get to them. In addition, during the rainy season the sea in Phuket is turbulent, sometimes severe storms and waves may strike.

During this time, only surfers feel comfortable here, who just in the rainy season come to conquer the local high waves on a board. It is believed that the sea during this period also begins to throw on the shore all kinds of garbage that tourists left behind. High waves are not here since the end of November.

Attractions in Phuket

As a rule, tourists go to see only the natural attractions that are located in the vicinity of the island. There are no special monuments or palaces to explore. The bulk of tourists come to see the beautiful natural places, especially popular are Kata Karon, Rang Hill, Cape Promtep. With children, of course, go to the elephant farm for the show and in order to ride an elephant, taking spectacular photos.

There are also factories that make linen and rubber. There are zoos (regular and contact, also there are aquariums) for children. Some tourists who like to take beautiful pictures go to the beach, next to where the planes fly. Some tourists take sightseeing programs, which take them to beautiful places, factories, and stores.

Sea trips are especially popular with tourists. Some privateers take you to other islands on beautiful views and routes. Walks to fishing spots are also popular. Visitors who like wild places and jungle will like the neighboring islands, they can be reached directly from Phuket.

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