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At the moment Australia, given the fact that it was created as a prison colony by the British, is one of the most popular destinations for leisure and tourism in the world. Australia attracts tourists from all over the world with its huge metropolises, big skyscrapers, beautiful climate, beautiful beaches, ocean, and the friendly attitude of its people to tourists.

Australia is both a country and a continent. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and, not surprisingly, it has quite a few landmarks, plant and animal species that are found nowhere else in the world. From the Sydney Opera House to the sacred Uluru Cliff, the Great Barrier Reef near the Gold Coast, Kakadu National Park, Phillip Island – Australia has so many beautiful places unlike any other. Lovers of the outdoors will love this country for its climate, the variety of outdoor activities such as diving, surfing, swimming, mountain biking, and skiing, only water skiing – all this is available because of the presence of seas and oceans that washed this country. Australia has everything for a good holiday, which will be remembered for a long time.

Lovers of passive recreation in cultural centers and megacities this beautiful country will certainly please its tourists. All Australian cities are clean, modern, new, cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra – the capital of Australia are megalopolises comparable to New York, Tokyo and many others. These cities are home to famous attractions such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge, the Australian Museum and many others. Australia also has many impressive restaurants with great food for all tastes, which can please even the most meticulous gourmand.

Не имеет никакого значения, что целью поездки является активный отдых на пляже, спокойно попивая австралийское пиво, сортов и марок которого немало или простой осмотр достопримечательностей, можно замечательно отдохнуть в Австралии.

The best month to visit Australia

Due to the pleasant and warm climate of the country there is no wrong month to visit this beautiful place – no exception is the winter, which lasts there in May and August, the heat does not fall below 22 degrees. But the best time to visit this country is summer – November-February, because during this period the weather is much better and hotter, but also during this period there are many activities and celebrations and the streets of cities are much more joyful and merry.

tourism in australia

Features of the country

Australian time

The Australian time zone is GMT+10, but from November to May it becomes GMT+11.

Australian electricity

The standard mains voltage in Australia is 245-250V 50 hertz. They use three-pin plugs with flat ends, while we use two-pin plugs with cylindrical ends. Nowhere else in the world are such plugs used, so you have to take an adapter with you when you travel to this country.

Language in Australia

English is considered the main language in this country.

Body condition and vaccination when visiting Australia

For visitors over 12 months of age and arriving in Australia as a week ago in a country with yellow fever, proof of vaccination against the disease is required. For a visit to Australia nothing else related to health is often required, but for your own safety is required to carry repellents, because the risk of infection, which carried by mosquitoes and other insects is quite high. Sunburn is also considered an equally scary danger. Medical care in the country is top-notch, but very expensive, so visitors and tourists should carry health insurance.

Tipping in restaurants

Compared to the United States, where waiters are entitled to an additional 10 percent of the bill in a restaurant, in Australia it is not at all mandatory, but recently in large cities such as Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne began the practice of tipping, leaving a small amount of money to waiters for their service.

Australian Security

Australia has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, but you should be aware that visitors to Australia can easily be targeted by criminals. Be careful with personal valuables and documents, especially in tourist hotspots such as the Gold Coast. Between December and April there are powerful cyclones in some parts of Australia, most often in Western Australia, the North and Queensland. There is also a significant risk of forest fires in places like Victoria, South Wales, Tasmania and many others. During the summer, most often in October and April, sea bees begin to appear on small coastal areas in northern Australia, they are nicknamed cubomedusa. Their bite is quite dangerous and often fatal. Visitors to Australia should pay attention to the banners and inscriptions located on the beaches, which include a list of actions established by lifeguards of the beach.

Australian customs and traditions

Planning Trip To Australia

In most relationships, whether casual conversation or business, informal communication leads, both in appearance and behavior. Cricket and rugby are major sports in Australia, and to Australians these sports are like a religion.

Australian Business and Entrepreneurship

People who own businesses in Australia often notice that a country full of friendliness, joy and a working atmosphere will give any business the opportunity to develop and promote its ideas throughout the country. The business culture in Australia is quite unusual. It includes as English features of doing business, the equalizing spirit of the Scandinavian countries, and a dynamic and peculiar approach to doing business, which is often considered American by the principles of its creation, and everything is complemented by a friendly and good attitude to business participants, which is peculiar to the southern part of the world. The process of running a business in Australia is considered to be nonreligious, deliberative and cautious. People connected with government administration or heads of organizations are treated with respect, not only because of their status and position in relation to them, but also based on the qualities of personality and attitude towards other people and subordinates.

Australian business etiquette shows all that has been said before. To address your elders by their title or rank you should call them by that name, but they will immediately suggest that you forgo these formalities and tell them to address your colleagues by their first names. For a more polite address it is worth making eye contact, in Australia this is considered good tone and gives the interlocutor reliability and straightforwardness in the conversation. These qualities are fundamental to business owners, ranking higher than unfulfilled promises, ego and so on. Meetings in Australia should be scheduled at least 7-10 days in advance, after that these meetings should be confirmed a couple of days before the date of the meeting.

Punctuality is also an important quality, because it can be perceived as indifference or reluctance to this meeting. Compared to most business meetings, meetings in Australia are not scheduled to convey any instructions, discuss the future day, but to discuss different ideas and thoughts, challenge them or approve them. The style of dress in Australia in comparison with other countries does not differ much – a black business suit and tie, for women is provided a skirt or pants with a suit. It is worth disregarding prominent jewelry, because it may appear to others as an attempt to set oneself above everyone else. The language of communication in business is English, the working hours in Australia are from 9 am to 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday are considered days off.

Australian Communication

The international access code is +61. The origin code is 00, followed by the code of the specific country. The telephone operator uses networks based on GSM, cell phones can be not only bought but also rented. Also in Australia there are a lot of Internet cafes.


Cash: cash and non-cash payment in Australia

Australia’s currency and money

Australia’s official currency is the Australian dollar and Australian coins.

Cashless payment in Australia

All major credit cards are accepted. Credit cards may not be accepted in some Australian cities and regions.

Australian ATMs

Located in every major city and metropolitan area in Australia. But you might have limited or no access to them in some areas.

Australian travellers cheques

These cheques are often accepted in official currencies in banks and large hotels. However, a small number of banks may charge a fee for cashing them. To avoid this tourists should know that it is better to write traveler’s checks in banks and official currencies of the world.

Opening hours of Australian banks

Weekdays – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday work from 9 am to 16 hours, on Friday work till 17 hours. These hours may vary from place to place around the country.

Restrictions on currency in Australia

Import and export of currency of any kind cannot be restricted by duty. But amounts of money exceeding the equivalent of 10,000 euros must be voiced at the border crossing.

Australian duty-free

Goods allowed into Australia for people aged 17 years or over without paying customs duty:

50 cigarettes or 50 grams of tobacco or cigarillos;
2 and a half liters of alcoholic drinks;
Items of personal use that have been owned for at least 1 year;
Other goods not exceeding A$910 if the owner is over 18 years of age, but not exceeding A$405 if younger.
Goods prohibited for importation into Australia

As in many countries Australia has strict rules on the importation of unauthorised medicines, weapons, undocumented animals, personal animals, produce including meat products, veal, poultry, milk, curds, plants, fruit, vegetables, berries, produce made by animals (eggs, leather products, wool products), also any devices used on pets and other potential carriers of diseases and viruses. Importation of drugs is a criminal offense.

You can contact Australian Border Protection and Customs for information on customs legislation. Customs control information booklets are available from the Australian Embassy in your destination city.

Taking prohibited goods out of Australia

Importation of animals prohibited for transport, wild and rare animals and products closely related to them is very seriously checked, also theft of coral, turtle shells, snake skin or any amphibians, flowers, fish roe, elephant ivory items, trophies from hunting and any medicines.

It is also forbidden to export adult films, weapons of any kind, or drugs.

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